French Alps Slalom Boot Camp 24 July - 1 Aug 2015

The  French  ALPS  Slalom  Boot  Camp  24th  July  to 1st  August  2015  

Lead  Coach:  Gordon  Walling        ALPS 2013 SLALOM E 22

Number  of  places:  10-­‐12

Open   to:   Tandridge   Blades,   Winchester,   Shepperton   and   paddlers   from   SE   region   ␣   If   you   attend   the   camp  you  will  need  to  join  Tandridge  Canoe  and  Kayak  Club  (£10  family  membership – a  bargain!)
Training   Fee:   £190   (approx)   to   include   coaching,   camping,   awards  and  prize-­‐giving.        Camping   fees   for   non-­‐slalom   family   members:   £70   (approx)   for   8   nights.   *additional   nights   will   be   charged   on   an   ad   hoc   basis

Pre-­requisite:  A  confidant  whitewater  roll  and  a   commitment  to  regular  slalom  training  (i.e.  at  least   once  a  week,  preferably  more)  coupled  with  regular   exercise.  The  boot  camp  training  comprises  two  to   three  intensive  sessions  a  day  and  is  therefore   extremely  physically  demanding,  so  a  good  level  of   fitness  is  a

EQUIPMENT:   Paddlers   are   usually   required   to   have   their   own   boats   paddles   and   equipment.   However,  loan  equipment  can  be  arranged.  Please  chat  to  the  organisers  who  will  outline  options  for   you.

WANT  TO  BOOK?  If  you  are  keen,  require  further  information,  able  to  make  the  dates  and  think  you   meet   the   criteria   for   the   slalom   camp,   or   to   secure   your   place   contact   Rebecca   Mole   at

Campsite Alps 2012  .jpgPlease  fill  in  attached  form (click further details)  &  send  to  Rebecca  Mole,  60  Dysart  Avenue,  Ham,  Kingston,  KT2  5RA   A   £50.00   non-­‐refundable   deposit   is   required   by   15th   February   2015   to   reserve   your   place.   Full   Payment  by  5  June  2015  (Unless  otherwise  arranged).  Cheques  made  payable  to  TCKC.

Please  make  your  own  travel  arrangements  and  most  importantly  make  arrangements  for  any  young   person  (under  18  yrs)  going  without  their  parents,  electing  a  responsible  adult  for  the  young  person   when  not  being  coached.   
Please  note  that  there  are  very  limited  places  in  vehicles  for  unaccompanied  minors  this  year.  These   will  be  confirmed  on  a  first  come,  first  served  basis  and  only  if  all  other  requirements  have  been  met   and  all  necessary  arrangements  made.  Kindly  contact  us  asap  and  we  can  discuss  options.
Goes   without   saying,   but   check   your   passport  expiry   date,  arrange  an   EHIC   card,  personal   medical   insurance,   car   insurance   overseas  and   car   breakdown   insurance.   The   medical   insurance   MUST   cover   you  for  kayaking  on  grade  3/4  waters,  if  you’re  going  to  be  paddling.     Dogtag  insurance  &  Insureandgo  both  offer  good  deals.

Club  boats  are  NOT  insured  for  Europe.    Please  check  with  BCU  for  advice/contacts  for  insuring  your   boats  for  the  duration.    If  you  are  borrowing  a  boat/equipment,  you  are  also  responsible  for  insuring   it.

 The French ALPS Slalom Boot Camp 2015

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